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eTrust Pro Certified 

Lease/Apply for 256 - 1024 IP addresses for Multi-homing/Email Servers

You can lease ipto 256 IP address from us! With the new regulations from APNIC you can also apply for upto 1024 IP addresses. Howevere it is a very complex process and it requires a lot of documentation, pre-requisites, requires working with your leased line provider & several international departments


BulkEmailGrid.com provides business/technical consultancy to businesses & corporates on:


1. IP address allocation

2. Complete IP POOL setup including Routing objects, DNS, RDNS, Bulk email infrastructure

3. Router/Firewall/Server hardware purchase

4. Router/Firewall configuration, BGP configuration, VPN setup, Multi-homing, Failover & Load balancing management

5. IP reputation management - We will provide you setup for IP & domain blocklisting alerts

6. Server setup for email marketing, web hosting

7. Email platform and MTA software installation


For further info, please email on sales@bulkemailgrid.com or click on contact us above and send us your details!


In-house Email Server

Do you want to setup an in-house email server for corporate emails and email marketing? This may be needed due to price economics, data confidentiallity & other factors.


Based on your daily email volume & hourly email volume needs, we will prepare a architechture report, which encompasses software, hardware, support requirements. Our deliverables include following:

  • Frontend email marketing software installed on your server including Database, Mysql, Exim etc.
  • Backend MTA software installed on your server
  • Chat Support software installed on your website (Optional)
  • Support Ticket system installed on your website (Optional)
  • 100 Hours of Remote Support
  • Email databases
Cost: Please contact us at sales@bulkemailgrid.com
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Front end Email Marketing Application

This software is needed to control users who can access the application, their access rights, email sending speeds, spam chekcing software & tons of other features, including XML RSS integration etc.. We install this application on your servers & provide training to you on the usage & maintenance.

You can check online demo of this software at:


URL : www.bulkemailgrid.com/demo
Username : demo
Password : demo


Backend MTA

This software manages email queues & email deliverabillity. We will install this software on your server & integrate your frontend application with it. This software manages parallel sending to multiple domains & manages IP reputation with virtual MTA's & unlimited features.
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Support Ticket System

If you are establishing email business, then you need a support ticket system to manage client requests/issues. We install & provide training on the same.

Online Chat System

We also provide a web based chat software for your website visitors to chat with you on sales & support related matters!
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