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Database Cleaning

Old unused email lists can give birth to spamtraps & hard bounces(non-existent emails). So if you have not used a list for while, you may like to clean it to protect your IP, domain reputation and to avoid blacklisting/blocklisting. With IP/domain blocklisting, your email gets rejected at major email service providers such as Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Gmail etc.. If your server or doamin is blocklisted it can affect your email deliverabillity very heavily causing almost all your emails being refused.


This can affect your email infrastructure very badly causing downtime, loss of business & credibillity!

We use following techniques :

1. Database scrubbing - We maintain a database of over 5 million email addresses of spam traps, honeypots globally to remove screamers, spam traps from your lists. As no list is perfect, with this approach, we can achieve upto 90% removal of spamtraps & honeypots.

2. Emailing to your database - In this approach, we filter invalid emails, hard & soft bounces by sending specialised campaigns on your list & collect all bounces & remove hard bounces.


Price: USD 250/Million for both services


If you are interested in this service, click on Contact Us to connect with us!

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